EnviroBuild and Rainforest Trust UK's Partnership

Rainforest Trust UK is EnviroBuild's Official Charity Partner. We donate 10% off all profits to Rainforest Trust UK projects.


Rainforest Trust

Rainforest Trust
is one of the world’s most respected and successful conservation charities, and works in partnership with trusted local NGOs and indigenous communities to save the world’s most threatened rainforests and tropical ecosystems. Rainforest Trust has been protecting rainforests for over 30 years and has already placed over 42.7 million acres of threatened habitat under permanent protection.
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EnviroBuild & Rainforest Trust UK's Partnership

EnviroBuild donate 10% of all profits to Rainforest Trust UK each year to fund vital projects. In addition to this we also donate a fixed amount to save a specific amount of rainforest for every Galleon Garden Furniture set sold. Allowing you to save at least 1 Acre of vital rainforest with every garden furniture purchase. We believe our partnership with Rainforest Trust UK is the most cost effective way to make a significant and lasting impact on the environment and fight climate change.
Since starting donations in 2016, EnviroBuild have supported 41 Rainforest Trust projects across 22 countries. Helping to save 277,306 acres of primary rainforest and marine habitat. Not only are we a part of Rainforest Trust’s Conservation Circle, but we’re one of the very few companies in the Chairman’s Level; the highest membership level. We simply love being a part of what they do. Their work with endangered ecosystems, climate action, and local communities is the most effective way we can make a positive and lasting impact through our 10% Pledge.

Impact so far

Since beginning donations to
Rainforest Trust UK
in 2016 we have helped Rainforest Trust and local partners protect and conserve 277,306 acres of vital primary rainforest and marine habitat. Helped to protect numerous critically endangered, endangered and vulnerable species across the globe and help Rainforest Trust protect the world's biodiversity and carbon stores. Here are some the recent projects we supported in 2021:
  • Helping Rainforest Trust and local partner Strong Roots
    protect 38,731 acres of tropical rainforest in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Which is home to the Critically Endangered Grauer’s Gorillas, Endangered Chimpanzees and newly recognized African Forest Elephants. In total, this project will protect enough land to store around 195,501,691 mTs of carbon.
  • Helping Rainforest Trust and local partner African Parks protect 5,310 acres of The Chinko landscape in the heart of Africa. Which is a rare and extraordinary meeting of forest and savanna, home to unique species. Like the African Forest Elephants, African Wild Dogs, Eastern Chimpanzees and a substantial population of lions. This area is also a significant carbon store and in total, this project will protect enough land to store 580,003,757 mTs of carbon.
  • Helping Rainforest Trust and partner Nature and Culture International to protect 6,911 acres of The Tropical Andes in Peru. Which is known for its unequalled species richness and endemism and is home to the Peruvian Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey, Andean Night Monkey  and Golden-backed Mountain-tanager.
  • Helping Rainforest Trust and local partner WILDTRUST  to protect 3,704 acres of marine habitat in South Africa, which is one of the three marine global hotspots for sharks and rays, harbouring 204 species—or one-third of the global fauna. These waters host an exceptionally high number of endemic species, as well as many large, wide-ranging threatened sharks and rays.
*Total acres mentioned include match funding.

How do we pick which projects to support?

Every Rainforest Trust UK project is helping support vital work. Which can make picking which project to support challenging. To help with this, at the end of each financial year we gather all our employees to vote on which Rainforest Trust UK projects to support with our 10% pledge.