Increase your Property Value by up to 5% with Composite Decking

In a recent study conducted by Boydens, it was found that simply installing composite decking to your home could increase a property’s value by 5%.


How to Increase your Property Value

In a recent study conducted by
it was found that simply installing
composite decking
could increase a property’s value by 5%. To put that in perspective, the average property price in East England is £294,000, meaning a small investment of around £2,000 could result in a return of more than £14,000. Fitting
composite decking
, a simple DIY weekend landscaping project, will therefore provide you with a sevenfold return on investment as well as a much-improved garden space to enjoy over the summer.
The garden is a crucial, and in many cases underutilised, element when marketing a property. A recent study found that 40% of buyers in the UK would not consider a property without a garden. Investing in your garden as part of your home improvements is therefore a brilliant way of easily increasing your property value. Installing composite decking will enable you to both maximise your return and the level of interest that your property receives.

How can Composite Decking Increase Property Value?

Composite decking
will maintain its value for far longer than conventional wood decking. This is because composite decking is easier to clean, maintain and comes with a longer warranty. To put this into perspective, wood decking will tend to rot after 5 years, particularly in the bracing British winters, whilst composite decking will likely far out live that, proved by the typical warranty of 15 years minimum. This means that you will be able to enjoy the space for years and still benefit from the value added, as opposed to wooden decking which would maintain its added value for significantly less time when in use.
In addition to this, composite decking also benefits from a higher slip rating making it far safer for family homes. It’s also as aesthetically pleasing, if not more so, than conventional decking due to the range of colours, designs and variants available. These are just several of the
many reasons
composite decking is quickly becoming one of the most popular garden additions in the UK.

How EnviroBuild can Help?

At Envirobuild we go the extra mile with our offering which includes design consultation and contractor recommendations to guide you in the best ways to increase the value of your home. As well as making sure our products are as
as possible, we ensure that all the constituents of our products are from renewable sources and we donate 10% of our profits to environmental charities such as the
Rainforest Trust.
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