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Composite Decking Prices

Aidan Bell

Created at: Nov 02, 2018

Last updated: Nov 02, 2018

News Technical

At EnviroBuild we are proud to sell the exclusive Hyperion Decking.  There are two ranges within the Hyperion Brand, the Pioneer and Frontier range - we have prepared a handy comparison of the composite decking for your convenience.

Our pricing is clear and transparent on our website, and is calculated on the basis of each item sold, whether that be a decking board, or box of hidden fasteners sold.

We firmly believe we have the best value composite decking brand available

EnviroBuild Customers

We know that Hyperion decking is great value because we are continuing to sell decking to some of the greatest negotiators in the world - the UK construction industry - and gaining market share as we do so.  Taylor Wimpey, Bellway, Willmott Dixon, Berkeley Homes, Multiplex, Durkan, Galliard Homes have all used Hyperion in their developments, and that list is continuing to grow.

We also know that the quality of the boards is extremely high because customer's who are only motivated by quality have also bought Hyperion:  Porsche, Malmaison Hotels, Everton FC, Groucho Club and High Speed One.

Clear Pricing Breakdown

When you aks EnviroBuild for a quote, and please feel free to phone or email us at any point, we will provide a quote broken down on a line item basis.  That will include your selected hidden fixings, any sub-structure and pedestals that we've allowed

If you are ever unclear of an item then our friendly decking consultants are only a phone call or email away.

Cost of Decking Substructure

It isn't possible to give a square metre price for the Manticore recycled plastic lumber that we sell, nor the Mesa decking support pedestals.  That is simply because the height available under the decking, or any slopes that it might need to correct so dramatically affect the price

Cost of Decking Delivery

It costs a lot to deliver 4m boards because they take up 4 pallet spaces within a vehicle.  Whether that vehicle is carrying 20 boards or 100 boards it is likely to cost the exact same amount, and this therefore has to be reflected in our pricing.  We never make a profit from delivery.  In all cases, customers have the option to collect directly from our Warehouse in Essex.  We still require a day or so to have the items picked and packed, but are delighted to offer this to save people money.

Full details of our delivery pricing can be found here.