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Deck Ideas: Designs to Inspire Your Outdoor Space

Stephen Barrett

Created at: Feb 15, 2019

Last updated: Feb 15, 2019


When planning your garden, a deck can make an incredible centrepiece. The deck space is where a great amount of time is spent relaxing or entertaining guests, and often the first impression any visitor has of the garden. This key space can be customised to your personal wants and needs, so to make the most of your space it’s worthwhile to thoroughly weigh up your options first.

Choice of Colour

Your deck colour is most likely the first option to consider, do you have an appeal for subtle details or something a little more bold? Our decking comes in a stylish range of colour options. Warm, natural browns such as Oak, Walnut or Teak are a perfect match for a homely retreat, whereas colours like Silver Birch, Granite and Stone work to create a more modern and sophisticated feel.

modern colour deck idea

You don't have to decide on just one colour of course, in fact a mix of colour can add a creative twist to your design. Certain combinations can provide an ultra-modern look for your garden, especially by using an interesting contrast of light and dark. In a larger garden an all dark decking could look a little heavy, but by pairing it with lighter colours you can inject a vibrant personality into your space.

mixed colour deck ideas


A Unique Design

Custom fitting a deck around a tree or creating sunken flowerbeds for plants is a wonderful way to push your deck space even further.

If you want to go further, some careful work with a Jigsaw can create decorative inset features such as planter boxes, or even hot tubs on a larger scale!

deck ideas plants

Colours and inset features are fantastic ways to experiment with your deck design, but how about considering the layout and pattern too? You're probably most familiar with a simple deck running length-ways or width-ways, but here are a few examples of what you can do to achieve a more personal flare.

A front-runner at the moment is the picture-frame border. Framing your deck with perpendicular boards is a great way to achieve a subtle touch of class.You could also look at using contrasting colours if you're feeling bold.

picture border deck pattern

A diagonal design offers other interesting options; for example a chevron pattern in which a "V" comes to a point, achieved by cutting each decking board at the same angle (pictured below). A "herringbone" pattern is similar, but instead is staggered diagonally.

deck ideas chevron decking

These kinds of patterns are a little more adventurous, but have the potential to achieve an incredibly spectacular design. Below is a great example of someone who has really experimented with everything from their decking pattern to their colour options to produce a space that's incredibly interesting and personal!

unique deck ideas

A rectangle isn't the only shape that decks come in, curved decks are also a possibility. Curved decks are much less common and therefore more noticeably interesting and unique, but also comes with advantages besides individualism.

Straight lines rarely fit into nature and as such, your back garden may contain rounded walkways or flower beds. A rounded deck can be used to match the landscape, fitting snugly around your garden's features and allowing for a larger deck space.

curved deck ideas



Remember, a good outdoor decking design is functional for guests. You'll want to be able to achieve a good atmosphere well into the evening, so make sure to complete the effect with dramatic lighting touches. Think hard about the kind of feeling you want your space to evoke.

deck ideas lighting

Another point to consider: is there a section of your garden you feel is under utilised? Who says your deck needs to be attached to the house? If you want to draw people into your beautiful back garden, consider placing a freestanding deck platform in your favourite spot. Other built-ins or features for practical purposes such as overhead structures can be used for shade, to keep it an enjoyable space across the day.

deck ideas

Finishing Touches

Finally, when planning your deck, always keep in mind what the finished product will be used for: relaxing and entertaining! Try to build your space around one which can be enjoyed alone or in large groups, for this rattan furniture is the perfect accompaniment to any deck.

deck ideas