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Galleon Garden Furniture: In Partnership with Rainforest Trust UK

Eva Mee

Created at: Mar 13, 2020

Last updated: Jun 22, 2021

Environment Garden

Manufactured using Recycled Materials

With rattan made from 100% high quality recycled PE plastic, Galleon garden furniture is revolutionising sustainable solutions for your garden. We focus on sourcing waste wood and single-use plastics, diverting them from landfill and transforming them into beautiful, high-quality, long-life products.

We aim to create garden furniture that can surpass and outperform traditional products, so that the choice between quality and sustainability can be one and the same. At EnviroBuild, we want to pave the way towards greener lifestyles, and in turn, put greater pressure on an industry-wide reform.

Bringing Sustainability into your Home

With the shared goal of environmental protection and sustainable progression, the Rainforest Trust has partnered with the Galleon brand. Using partnerships and community engagement to purchase and protect threatened tropical land, the Rainforest Trust strive to save endangered species and safeguard vulnerable forest. EnviroBuild has pledged to donate a fixed amount per Galleon garden furniture set to the Rainforest Trust, supporting the important work that they are doing all around the world.

When purchasing Galleon garden furniture, you are not only investing in a beautiful addition to your outdoor space, you are also helping to protect our rapidly disappearing forests and their ecosystems, ensuring that our beautiful planet remains thriving for future generations. 

EnviroBuild also donates 10% of profits across all brands to the Rainforest Trust, further supporting their important causes. Since 2016, our donations have helped to protect over 43,735,537 trees through our 10% pledge, with over half of these resulting from donations last year alone. This averages at 29,956 trees saved a day, 1,248 an hour and 21 trees every minute! Last year, we supported an abundance of various Rainforest Trust projects including the safeguarding of snow leopard lakes in the Himalayas, helping to introduce Spix’s Macaw into the wild, the creation of a Bonobo reserve in the Congo and strategic land purchase in Colombia, as well as those shown below.

Saving Important Acres of Rainforest

Every Galleon purchase is making a difference, with each garden furniture set helping to save up to 7.17 acres of Rainforest. Accurate information on the coverage of land being safeguarded by your Galleon purchase is stated in its product description

For context, 1 acre is equal to 4,047m².

To put this into perspective, this is equal to approximately 200 trees, 16 tennis courts, 18 average sized houses or almost 1 football pitch. The Amazon Rainforest currently consists of approximately 1,359,079,598 acres but is shrinking at a quickening rate. This vast expanse of tropical woodland is the largest of Earth’s rainforests, and possibly its most valuable landscape. As global warming progresses and deforestation worsens, this fragile land is under increasing threat; a threat that will affect everyone. When buying Galleon garden furniture, you are helping to protect significant sections of rainforest, making a positive contribution to environmental improvements on a global scale.

More than 150 acres of Rainforest are lost every minute, meaning that over 78 million acres are disappearing every year to deforestation. Almost a fifth of our Rainforests are already gone, with scientists warning that human activity and changing climates are bringing the jungles closer and closer to a tipping point, beyond which our forests will have suffered irreversible destruction. At current rates of deforestation, 27% (over a quarter) of the Amazon biome will be without trees by 2030.

Discover More

Discover more about the work of the Rainforest Trust here and learn more about some of our sponsored sustainable projects here.

Shop our Galleon garden furniture here, in partnership with Rainforest Trust UK.