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How to install cladding on your garden office

James Bedingham

Created at: Nov 02, 2018

Last updated: Feb 16, 2021

Cladding Design Garden Garden office Technical

Whether you are building a garden room to gain some extra space to use as a home office, a gym, or an extra bedroom, or revamping your existing structure, installing cladding onto your garden room can appear daunting. The information and inspiration below should answer most of your queries. Our expert, on-hand team are here to help as well and ensure you create the perfect addition to your garden that will suit your needs.

No matter the purpose of your garden office, EnviroBuild can ensure that your choice of cladding materials is high-performing, long-lasting and sustainable. For this reason, Hyperion's composite cladding is a great way to achieve both longevity and stylish design.

Offering two composite cladding ranges, Pioneer and Sentinel, Hyperion cladding provides a wide choice of colours to help you achieve both traditional and contemporary aesthetics. Order your free sample pack here.

Picture courtesy of Green Retreats

Calculating Materials

To figure out the amount of materials you will need, you can either use our online cladding calculator or contact us for a same-day quotation. Equally if you have someone on hand doing the install and working out your quantities, they are more than welcome to call to get a second opinion.

Below we outline a popular choice of materials and design for a garden office but for more detailed information, visit our detailed cladding installation guide.

Before you Start

If installing yourself, ensure that you have taken thorough measurements. Some key points to have in mind whilst installing are:

  • A minimum of 38mm is required for a ventilation cavity
  • Battens should run perpendicular to the boards and secured at 600mm intervals
  • There needs to be extra wall battening around windows and doors

For more information, see our cladding installation guide.


    Installing the Cladding


    The first board should run 20mm above the ground. We recommend to pre-drill pilot holes 2mm wider than the screw before screwing through the baton.

    Place the bottom cladding boards in position and fix them to the batten using A2/A4 Pan Head 8 gauge 38mm screw (max. 2mm head thickness).

    Place the next cladding board on top, check the level, predrill the screw holes, then fix the board to the battens and repeat the process until you reach the top of the building.

    Note: Boards may need to be cut in order to fit around opening areas like windows and doors.

    To cleanly finish your space, round off vertical corners and openings with 90 degree corner trims and/or edge boards (dependent on your preference).

    To cover the edges of cladding boards around opening areas, measure the required amount and mitre down to a 45 degrees. Place over the corner trim to cover, pre-drill and countersink through the trim.

    Note: coloured screws are available if you are concerned about the visibility of screws.

    Hyperion corner trims can be combined with fascia to cover deeper window and door-frames.

      Our Trusted Network of Installers

      Many of our customers choose to carry out the cladding installation themselves as the process is quite straight forward. With the guidance of our installation manual and our support team a phone call away, building your garden office is bound to be a smooth process.

      EnviroBuild otherwise has built a trusted network of hundreds of installers nationwide who have worked with our products that we can recommend to you. Simply send us a message or call on 0208 088 4888 to get a recommendation.