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How to Clean Composite Decking

Charlene Bello

Created at: Nov 02, 2018

Last updated: Nov 02, 2018

Care Cleaning Decking Technical

One of the main reasons our customers opt for Hyperion composite decking, is for its low maintenance. Whilst you do not need to stain your deck on a yearly basis, like timber, we recommend giving it a clean once or twice a year depending on the location and how much ‘weather’ the decking gets.

Casual cleaning

If using a sturdy garden brush on your deck to push leaves and everyday dirt off, it is best to brush in the direction of the deck plank.

Equally, if you accidentally stain the deck (after the wildest BBQ of the 21st century!) scrub the affected area as soon as possible, with a little bit of soap and rinse off with warm water. Remember to always scrub in the direction of the deck plank.

Best time to clean it

The best time of year to clean, is the spring and the autumn. If you are only looking to clean your deck once a year, we would recommend doing it in the spring, as this is the best time to get rid of any winter residue.

The best way to clean it

We recommend using a regular hose, if you are using a power washer, ensure that it is a minimum of 25cm away from the surface of the boards with a stretch pipe fan. Wash down with warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush to clean the decking of any pollen and dirt that may have built up. Ensure to brush in the direction of the boards and to properly rinse the decking after you have washed it down to ensure no leftover unwanted watermarks.
In cases where the decking is unusually dirty, we would recommend using a brand called compo clean, which is water-based, environmentally friendly and is ideal for grooved decking.

Composite decking does contain wood and as such it can fade over time and can still stain when dirt, pollen or other materials build up on it. With a little extra care you can help keep your outside space looking beautiful for longer.

And if you've bought Hyperion Frontier decking, congratulations! The Stain and Fade proof protection means you can simply wipe off any spills, wash away any dirty, brush the leaves away and relax.