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How to Install Composite Decking In Your Garden

James Bedingham Nov 02, 2018
Installation Popular Technical

It is important to note that EnviroBuild decking is compatible with various sub frame materials such as, treated timber, metal or plastic lumber. We recommend Manticore plastic lumber to ensure you get the maximum life span out of your garden decking.

It all cases, joist centres for the Pioneer range should be no more than 300mm and for Frontier, no more than 400mm.

How to start:

The first board must be fixed with a hidden starter fastener through the side groove of the boards.

Align the starter fasteners along the first joist, securely screw each fastener to the joist then simply clip the first decking board to the starter fasteners.

The main deck area:

To fix adjacent boards, place the hidden secure fasteners into the grooved edge of the board you just fixed in place and secure screw into the hidden fasteners.

Below are a few tips & tricks to ease the installation process:

  • Screw holes should be lined up with the centre of the joist
  • Insert one hidden fastener at each joist
  • Always use 1 fastener per board at butt joints
  • Always use hidden fasteners at board ends

Place the next plank into position against the hidden fasteners, slightly raise the outer edge of the plank being installed and slide it onto the hidden fastener ensure the decking plank contacts the spacer tab then, lightly tap into position if required.

Tighten the screws through the hidden secure fasteners and into the joist

Apply sideward pressure on the decking to ensure that the tabs are hard up against the inside of the decking groove

Repeat this method until your reach the final two boards.

The Final Board:

Knowing the width of the last 2 boards including the spacing gap in between them, mark on the last joist where the edge of the final board would lie. Using these marks, attach the hidden starter fasteners securely to the end joist for the end board.

With the final board in place, insert the penultimate board against the last set of hidden fasteners. With the 2 boards in place and enough of a gap between them for the fasteners, slide down the required number of hidden fasteners & secure.

For further information on installation please refer to our full installation guide or get in touch on 0208 088 4888 or click here. Our team of experts are happy to advise you in any way possible to ensure your project is smooth from start to finish.