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How to Install Composite Fencing

James Bedingham Nov 02, 2018

At EnviroBuild, we offer a range of different composite products. This range now includes composite fencing made from almost entirely recycled material and with high durability and water resistance.

That being said, you may be wondering how the installation of such fencing may work. Luckily, below we have outlined exactly how to install composite fencing.

Before you start

For solid foundations such as concrete or masonry work, Hyperion fence supports are recommended.

This set of instructions will assume the use of these supports on solid foundations.

Spacing the fence slats & posts

To allow for the natural thermal reaction of the material to changes in temperature, please ensure that an expansion gap of 6mm is left between the fence slat and post. In addition, when measuring between post supports, you should also allow for the fence slat width (1800mm), the fence post width (90mm) and the fence slat expansion gap (6mm) so a total of 1896mm of spacing.

Laying down the Hyperion Post Supports

  • Once you’ve ensured the correct amount of spacing, mark out the run of the post support centres using the fence section dimensions above. Please note, posts should always be on your side of the property boundary.
  • Place the metal post supports in position and make sure they are exactly level and square to the run of the fencing.
    1. With supports in place, use the 4 pilot holes in the post supports to mark the support fixing holes to be drilled.
    2. Using an 8mm masonry drill bit, pre-drill the fixing holes to the appropriate depth (80mm if using the coach bolts, 100mm if using rawl plugs).
    3. Secure the post stand firmly using fixings and check there is no movement in the stand.

Fence Post Installation

  • Securely fix the fence post to stand using the 2 pile up screws provided by Envirobuild.
    1. Pre-drill 2x3mm pilot holes in the base of the post through to the stand inside (ensure holes are drilled in the centre of the post).
    2. Insert and tighten the 2 pile screws provided so the post is firmly locked to the post stand.

Installing the fence panels

  • Once the posts are in place, slide the fence post directly onto the stand.
    1. Ensure you have the post grooves in the correct direction to allow for your 90 or 180 degree fencing run.
    2. For a shorter height of fencing, you can simply cut the fence posts to size.
  • When opposing posts are in place clip a fence panel cap to the bottom of the first fence slat.
  • Then, slide the slat, with panel cap attached, down the grooves in opposing fence posts.

  • Proceed to slot in the remaining slats until the required fence height is reached (12 slats for a standard 1.8m (6ft) fence height).
  • With all boards installed you can finish off the fence panel.
    1. Clip on the second metal panel cap to finish the top of the last fence slat.
    2. Insert the fence post caps into the top of the fence posts.
  • Repeat steps 1-5 until the entire fence is finished.

Depending on your foundations, this set of instructions may change e.g. if you are working on non-concrete foundations. In such cases please feel free to take a look at our comprehensive installation guide.

You can purchase all your fencing materials right here and you can even request a free samples!

Otherwise, do feel free to get in touch with any questions and we will be happy to discuss your particular needs in further detail.