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See our 145 Pro-Grip Aluminium Decking system in action!

Timothy Gore

Created at: Oct 26, 2021

Last updated: Oct 26, 2021

Construction Decking

Introducing an entirely new range of non-combustible flooring solutions from EnviroBuild. Hyperion 145 Pro-Grip is an easy-to-install, fire rated aluminium decking system available in four contemporary colours - making no compromise on quality or sustainability and supported by a team of on-hand experts.

When are non-combustible balcony flooring systems necessary?

The legislation applies to any balconies on buildings taller than 18 metres in height where people sleep, that have been started since February 2019.

What is 145 Pro-Grip’s fire rating?

Each component of our system has been tested to EN13501-1 and A2fl and A2-s1, d0 certification. The exceptions to this are specifically listed exempted items including, membranes, gaskets and fixings. There are no longer “system level” fire tests available, such as BS8414.

What else is needed to install 145 Pro-Grip?

Designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of spaces, this non-combustible fire rated system uses adjustable steel pedestals, aluminium joists and protective rubber membranes to provide security, strength and adaptability where it is needed most. The good news is that EnviroBuild can supply everything you need - from support pedestals to fixings to finishings!

When should I use 145 Pro-Grip?

Hyperion's elegantly designed and non-combustible aluminium decking boards are ideal for both residential and commercial applications. 145 Pro-Grip boards are highly slip resistant and simple to install using a hidden clip system.

Hyperion aluminium decking has been engineered in conjunction with the powder coating manufacturer to create a powder with a higher slip resistance, resulting in boards with superior wet slip resistance when compared to off-the-shelf architectural powder coatings.

Designed for versatility, the easy to install clip-system provides the ability to remove individual boards quickly and effortlessly, making for uncomplicated cranage for finished balconies or removal of a single board. Perfect for retrofit installation.

Need some help?

If you need help at any point from concept to installation, from small residential to large commercial projects, our expert team offers a free design and build quotation service, and can advise the best use of our products. With the ever increasing requirement for fire safety compliance, our non-combustible systems are the perfect choice for your space.

Sustainability at heart

We donate 10% of our profits to sustainable causes. We are currently supporting the Rainforest Trust who work with local communities and governments to protect endangered rainforests and species.

It is our aim to ensure that our activities and products are carbon negative and we help create real long term solutions without simply ‘greenwashing’.