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Should You Install Composite Decking in Winter?

Timothy Gore

Created at: Jan 25, 2022

Last updated: Jan 25, 2022

Summer is, without a doubt, the best time of the year to enjoy an outdoor deck. It is the perfect place for entertaining, cooking and relaxing outside. It comes as no surprise that this is when the majority of people are enquiring about building a new deck.

But, you want your decking to be ready before summer!

You may be thinking that home improvement is better left to the warmer months. Here are some reasons to consider otherwise:

Material Advantage

An advantage of composite decking is its resistance to dampness and freezing temperatures. While timber decking would suffer from being exposed to the elements:

  • Composite decking does not require excessive preparation, sealing and winterization.
  • Composite decking does not warp or split due to cold temperatures.
  • Composite decking does not rot or soften from excess moisture, snow or ice.

Installer Availability

The best contractors are usually booked up in the spring and summer. But, they have greater flexibility for the rest of the year. This might mean a shorter wait time and your decking project will have a faster turnaround. The installers will also have more time and energy to focus on getting your project done - and done right.

An important factor to consider when installing in the colder months is the thermal expansion gap between decking boards. As warmer temperatures roll around the boards will expand and if there is not enough space left between them, they will buckle. Refer to our decking installation guide for the correct expansion gap measurements.

Off-Season Perks

When it comes to building in the colder months there are certain perks:

  • Secure off-season discounts on design and installation.
  • Minimise construction noise as you'll have your windows and doors closed due to the cold.
  • If you have children they will be playing indoors (away from the wet and the cold) and away from the work site.
  • If you are replacing an old deck, winter is the perfect time to rip it up as you're unlikely to be using it anyway.

Building a garden deck can be a significant investment that can raise the value of your property. But, you don’t want a bare deck! Building decking in the colder months gives you time to offset the purchase of garden furniture, which can come at a later stage.

Protect Your Garden

If you have ever visited a building site you will know that the surrounding grounds suffer.

From foot traffic to heavy objects moving back and forth. There can be little vegetation left in the wake of a construction site. But, opting to build a new deck in the winter can save your plants as they will have time to recover before the spring!

Enjoy Your Deck Sooner

Having a deck in your garden is like an extension of your living space. It makes your outside area more beautiful and usable throughout the year. It can flatten off sloping ground or cover up that one part of the garden where the grass won’t grow.

You'll have more time to utilise your deck in the spring and summer if you build it in the colder months. As soon as the first warm day of spring arrives, your deck will be ready for you to enjoy!

Keep in mind that harsh weather or storms may cause a hold up in your decking project. Unexpected snow and ice are likely to stymie development. But, unless you live in a harsh winter environment you shouldn't be too delayed.

Knowing when people are shopping for the same goods or service is the key to avoiding the frustration that sometimes comes with scheduling a busy summer installation period... and making a concerted effort to buy well ahead of, or well after, this time.

Looking to get a new deck installed? We have a network of trusted installers that we can put you in touch with - give us a call on +353 1 447 0406 or email us at ie-info@envirobuild.com.