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The Benefits of a Hidden Fastener System

Aidan Bell

Created at: Nov 02, 2018

Last updated: Nov 02, 2018


The Benefits of a Hidden Fastener System

We believe the best way to install a deck is with hidden fasteners.

The reason we designed our deck to suit hidden fasteners is because it enables a soft installation. By this we mean the deck boards are not drilled into directly and so it avoids damage to the boards ensuring longevity and an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Hidden fasteners are commonly known as secret fixings as they are screwed directly into the joist framework, thus hiding them from sight.

A groove runs along each side of the board which allows the boards to essentially slide across the joists and are held in place by the fasteners.

Which fasteners should I use?

Starter fasteners:

Nearly all builds require starter fasteners – this fastener is a metal clip, used to secure in the first and last board of each run. Essentially it supplies the stability to the outer decking thus ensuring the longevity of the decking body.

We recommend one box of 100 every 25 square metres, but this can vary with the design of the deck.

Hidden Fasteners:

The hidden fasteners are the fasteners that create the gap between boards and are secured at each crossover of board and joist. They will hold the boards in place across the main body of the decking.

3mm Hidden Fastener:

3mm fasteners are made from stainless steel and are secure clips that are screwed directly into the joist – creating a 3mm gap between boards. The narrower gap is ideal if the deck is a lighter colour. For example we would recommend 3mm clips for our white ash decking, as the decking looks best when the gap visibility is reduced.

If you find yourself preferring the 3mm fasteners – do not worry, they are easily installed and look great with the all EnviroBuild composite decking.

6mm Hidden Fastener:

6mm are our standard fastener, are plastic and as the name suggest create a 6mm gap between the boards.

The benefit of 6mm gap between boards is the accessibility it provides. If required a screwdriver can fit between boards and undo the fasteners, thus releasing a singular board. This is great if you want to take up a singular board as the reprisal makes minimal impact on the rest of the deck area. This is also great if you are a self / first time installer as it gives you a bit more breathing room when installing the deck.

Does there have to be gap?

EnviroBuild composite decking does require a gap but if you fear for your jewelry and credit cards getting dropped into the abyss that is the gap between deck boards, fear not! We also supply deck gap inserts for our Pioneer range.

A deck gap insert is a rigid strip of material that sits beneath the deck boards but above the fasteners. It is simple in design yet effective at accomplishing two things: firstly creating a shallow depth and thus making it easy to retrieve items that would otherwise live out their days in the shadow of your deck. And secondly it removes the fasteners from sight – whilst the fasteners are hidden, the occasional bit of glare from a stainless steel fastener will occur – this stops it.