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Why Choose LVT?

Eva Mee

Created at: Sep 13, 2019

Last updated: Feb 04, 2021

Flooring Lvt Sisu

What does LVT mean and what is it?

LVT is the abbreviation of luxury vinyl tiles. When looking it up, you may also have come across LVP or luxury vinyl planks. Both are a type of luxury vinyl flooring and are a great alternative to hardwood flooring or carpet.

Using 3D printing technology, luxury vinyl tile flooring has a realistic and authentic appearance resembling that of real wood or stone. Being extremely durable whilst also easy to maintain, LVT has all the ideal properties sought after by homeowners. 

So what makes luxury vinyl tiles so good? We’ve outlined some of the major benefits of LVT flooring below, and in particular highlight the features of the collection we provide: Sisu LVT.


Low maintenance

Indoor flooring accessories to help you install and maintain your LVT or laminate flooring

As well as being stain-proof, you won’t experience the same build-up of dust and dirt experienced with other flooring materials like carpet. Luxury vinyl flooring is also extremely easy to maintain. All you need to do to clean your LVT is give it a regular sweep to remove any dust and an occasional mop using an LVT floor cleaner to get rid of more stubborn dirt. The tiles do not require any special treatment, creating a naturally hygienic and sanitary space making it a perfect flooring for those who suffer from allergies.


Extremely durable

Wood and stone flooring can easily scratch and damage, especially when moving furniture around or when appliances leak. Vinyl alternatives with a printed wood or stone effect offer an improved appearance and quality. Luxury vinyl flooring is antistatic and waterproof making it suitable for kitchen or bathroom flooring and most other rooms in your home. Most luxury vinyl tiles have at least five layers, ensuring strength, durability and resistance whilst remaining thin and flexible.

Sisu LVT’s top layer has UV preventing the tiles from fading in sunlight. We do still recommend to use Sisu Laminate or another flooring option in conservatories as LVT may warp in too much direct sunlight. A protective layer underneath is scratch resistant and features stain guarding technology. These both prevent the tile from getting damaged when sliding furniture across the flooring or from pets running around, and from rotting, splintering or weathering. A high-quality printed pattern with the authentic appearance of natural stone or wood flooring lies below the protective layer. The remaining core layers of the vinyl tile consist of stabilising sheets working to prevent and ensure the tile remains flat. This provides additional strength and moisture resistance. With a vinyl base on the bottom, and all the layers being phthalate free, LVT is a safe flooring option for the whole family.


Easy installation

LVT is available in two different installation options: click and dryback. Both do not require any grout and are extremely easy to lay.

Infographic: what is click lvt flooring

Click LVT or floating LVT has a tongue and groove system where the tiles are simply clicked together. For this type of installation, we recommend using an underlay to protect the subfloor and provide an extra layer of insulation. As it is a simple and quick installation for both DIY and experienced professional installers requiring little to no equipment, we recommend LVT click flooring for homeowners, tenants, and anyone who wants to redo a home.


Infographic: what is dryback lvt flooring?

Dryback LVT is also known as glue down LVT. As the name suggests, an adhesive is used to install these types of luxury vinyl tile flooring. To install dryback LVT, an adhesive is applied onto the subfloor onto which the tiles are laid. Using a roller, the glue down LVT is securely pressed onto the adhesive and is left to dry.

Please check the installation guides prior to laying your LVT flooring.


Beautifully Crafted

Sisu luxury vinyl tiles have a clean and contemporary design, whilst also maintaining the classic and natural appearance of traditional flooring. The Sisu range is available in a range of ten beautiful colours and several décor options based around authentic wood, stone, and slate, offering a stunning selection of high-quality tiles. Luxury vinyl flooring is naturally warmer than wooden flooring or stone. The tiles stay at a regulated temperature, always feeling warm and comfortable under foot. They are also quieter to walk on than traditional wood or stone flooring, further contributing to their high-quality appeal.

The LVT which looks like wood, can also be installed in various patterns. You may wish to go for traditional herringbone or a contemporary bricklay pattern.

Sisu LVT tiles are thin enough to allow sufficient heat transfer and stable enough to withstand temperature changes from both electric and water based underfloor heating systems.


Long and extensive warranty

Both LVT collections offer industry-leading warranties. Sisu Click LVT and Sisu Dryback LVT are covered for up to 35 years with a limited international residential warranty (10 years commercial warranty) that protects the tiles against staining, fading, scrapes and scuffs.

Left: Sisu LVT in Natural Oak detail shot; Right: Sisu LVT in Natural Oak installed in a living room

When going for a high-quality luxury vinyl tile which boasts many impressive benefits, like Sisu LVT, it is an excellent alternative to more traditional flooring materials.

If you have any more questions about Sisu Luxury Vinyl Tiles or Sisu Laminate, our expert indoor flooring team can be reached on +353 1 447 0406 or email us at ie-info@envirobuild.com.


Updated on: FEB 02, 2021