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How-To: Non-Combustible Flooring

Aluminium Decking Installation: Step-by-step Tutorial

Fully non-combustible aluminium decking & build up purposely designed to meet all new fire safety regulations under EN13501-1. This step by step guide on installing Hyperion's Aluminium Decking using 3 mm Clips with Aluminium Joists & Adjustable Steel Pedestals by MESA. More detailed information on figuring out the amount of Hyperion aluminium decking required can be found in our installation guide, or simply contact us on  +353 1 447 0406

    • When planning your project, allow 5% extra material for wastage.
    • The height dimension of the aluminium bearer will determine how often it must be supported. There should be a maximum of 600 mm between bearers in order to sufficiently support aluminium deck boards.
    • There needs to be a slope or fall of around 1:100 (i.e. 10 mm of fall for every metre width or length of decking)
    • The maximum tolerance for the steel beams is ±2 mm. This is how high or low a steel beam can be from the adjacent beam.
    • Each deck board end should be supported by at least 35 mm on the steel beam.
    • At least a 70 mm width is required on the steel beam to support two board ends at butt joints.
    • Use our starter fasteners in order to install the first board accurately, after which we recommend our hidden fasteners for fast and secure installation with no visible screws.
    • When trimming to size for the deck edge, use a multipurpose cutting tool or an aluminium suitable saw blade.
    • Any deck board that has been cut needs to be supported along its trimmed edge. A decking edge piece should be used to achieve this