Bomore Road Balcony Redevelopment

The redevelopment of 1 Bomore Road, located in Kensington London, involved the removal of outdated wooden planks to be redesigned and fitted with high quality materials and non-combustible options. This contemporary 5-storey project, orientated around unique architecture, luxury living and sharp aesthetics, now offers 32 new residential units.

Project Breakdown

Developed with a focus around landscaping, modernity and sustainability, 1 Bomore Road needed external flooring materials that would suit the existing clean creative of the project plans and comply with contemporary construction requirements, contributing to its unique architectural juxtaposition of harshness and harmony.

The Solution

Accompanying the frameless glass balustrades and remarkable windowed walls, EnviroBuild’s non-combustible decking was selected alongside Italian Porcelain paving to furnish the resident’s private balconies. Designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of both commercial and residential spaces, the 145 Pro-Grip aluminium decking system offers esteemed strength and adaptability alongside security and simplicity.
The Hyperion Aluminium 145 Pro-Grip fire-rated decking boards are supported by complete non-combustible substructure and accessories for a beautifully efficient and time-saving balcony and terrace flooring option, making planning and installation as easy as possible.

Project Details

Size: 223 m²
Axis Europe
3D Reid
Location: London
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