Finch Farm Training Ground Decking

John Turner Construction Group came to EnviroBuild looking for a contemporary and low maintenance decking solution for their development of Everton Football Club’s Finch Farm training ground.

Project Breakdown

As part of the £6.4m development of the grounds, the clients were looking to install a 270 m² outdoor observation deck into the sports training ground that would tie into the design, quality and colour scheme of the 55 acre facility. Being low-maintenance, durable and non-slip, our Hyperion Pioneer Stone decking was the perfect choice for the redevelopment.

The Solution

EnviroBuild provided just over 270 m² of Hyperion Pioneer Stone decking for the training field viewing deck. The minimal water absorption rate of Hyperion decking made it the perfect material for the all-weather development.
With EnviroBuild’s expert team on hand to support full project take off, from design to delivery, the client received the full commercial support they required to complete the job on schedule.

Project Details

Size: 400 m²
AFL Architects
Location: Merseyside
All images courtesy of John Turner Construction Group