Boho Interior Flooring

This modern boho interior needed flooring that would work with an eclectic mix of colours and augment the space with personality. The choice of laminate flooring provided a natural looking finish that is comfortable to walk on and easy to maintain - the perfect solution for a laidback bohemian lifestyle.

The Solution

The Smoked Walnut laminate that was picked for this project presented a contrast that allowed colour accents to pop. It also supplied a versatility in that it was paired with both American Pecan and White Scotia Beading to match the skirting that it was set against. The end result has sophisticated character and worldly appeal.

Customer Feedback

The client was extremely pleased with the quality of the materials and the warmth that it brought to the space. They also appreciated the ease with which the flooring was installed.

Project Details

Size: 32 m²
Product: Smoked Walnut Sisu Laminate Flooring
Accessories: American Pecan & White Scotia Beading
Location: Bristol