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LVT produced using 100% wind energy icon

LVT produced using 100% wind energy

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Luxury, sophisticated indoor flooring by

Sisu takes its name from the Finnish concept of stoic determination and tenacity of purposes. The indoor flooring range fully encapsulates its name by withstanding the toughest environments, being built to last and developed with advanced engineering. With surface finishes that craft the effect of real wood or stone, and each laminate board containing up to 70% recycled wood chips, Sisu indoor flooring effortlessly brings the outdoors indoors.

Indoor Flooring Collections

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How to install LVT and laminate flooring

Sisu indoor flooring tiles are carefully designed for quick and easy installation, ensuring that your interior home project goes as smoothly as possible. Our thorough installation guides cover both the tongue and groove system of laminate and Click LVT, and the laying of Sisu Dryback LVT with step-by step guidance.

Watch Installation Videos

Low maintenance and stain proof

Suitable for underfloor heating

Beautiful contemporary designs

Easy & quick installation

Up to 35 years warranty

No trees are cut down

Why choose Sisu LVT or Laminate Flooring

Discovering the perfect indoor flooring for your project is easy as our beautifully crafted tiles and planks come in a variety of styles, colours and finishes. Ultra-low maintenance and build to last, our indoor flooring far outperforms traditional flooring.

Aiming to bring you the most sustainable indoor flooring systems on the market, while not undermining performance, EnviroBuild brings you indoor flooring with long working life backed up with warranties. The authentic tiles and planks with finishes true to nature are manufactured using recycled materials and, in the case of our LVT, produced using 100% renewable wind energy, this is a beautifully sustainable solution for all interior spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions
Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

What is LVT?

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are designed to look and feel like real wood or stone, and are engineered to last and be ultra-low maintenance. The multiple layers of LVT flooring have made it an ideal option for your bedroom and living room, and as it’s water-resistant it is also a great option for bathroom and kitchen.

EnviroBuild’s Sisu LVT collection is an industry-leading sustainable option as it repurposes waste PVC materials. Sisu also has six different wood styles and four stone options, including variations of grey vinyl flooring and white vinyl flooring among many other colour options, to ensure your flooring matches your décor.

What are the benefits of LVT?

Luxury vinyl flooring is extremely easy to clean, creating a naturally hygienic and sanitary space. Apart from a regular sweep and occasional mop to remove any dust or dirt particles, the tiles do not require any special treatment. You won’t experience the same build-up of dust and dirt experienced with other materials like carpet. This makes the tiles hypoallergenic and makes it a perfect flooring option for pet owners.

On top of this, LVT is antistatic and water resistant, making it suitable for all rooms, including kitchens and bathrooms. Most LVT flooring has at least five layers, ensuring strength, durability and resistance whilst remaining thin and flexible.

The installation systems also make LVT extremely easy to install. The ‘click’ tiles have been innovatively designed to enable simple and quick installation for both DIY and professional installers, where tiles easily ‘click’ together. ‘Dryback’ tiles are installed with an adhesive, offering a flexible option which is perfect for any commercial space.

Laminate Flooring

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is a man-made product in which multiple layers with different purposes are fused together with a lamination process. Most laminate flooring is made to look and feel like authentic wood flooring. The added layers ensure laminate flooring more durable than traditional wood flooring making it a popular choice for indoor flooring.

EnviroBuild’s Sisu Laminate collection is a great sustainable option. As it repurposes waste wood chips, Sisu laminate flooring is made up of over 70% recycled content. Sisu Laminate also has 10 different wood designs to ensure your flooring matches your décor.

What are the benefits of laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring’s synthetic properties mean that it is low maintenance. It does not need any treatment and is ready for use once installed. Laminate planks are also stain-resistant and will just need a sweep and an occasional mop to remove any dirt and loose particles. You won’t experience the same build-up of dust and dirt experienced with other materials like carpet, creating a naturally hygienic and sanitary space. Laminate flooring is therefore often labelled as hypoallergenic.  

The multiple layers also ensure laminate flooring is scratch resistant meaning that your flooring will look good for years and makes it perfect for pet owners. We do recommend looking at the AC rating of laminate flooring prior to buying, as these indicate different durability levels. All Sisu laminate flooring has an AC4 rating or above making it perfect for the quietest of homes to the busiest commercial spaces. This rating also allows for a more authentic wood etching in the planks.

With a built-in click installation system, laminate planks are also simple to install. They can simply be clicked together for a swift and easy DIY or professional installation.

What is an AC rating?

The durability of a tile is measured using an abrasion class rating (AC) from 1 to 6, one being the least durable and five the most. As laminate is man-made, most planks have a rating between AC3 to AC5. They are thus resistant to scratches, moisture and wear and tear - perfect for use in even the busiest commercial areas. AC6 is the highest recognised abrasion criteria rating but is rare and only necessary for extremely high-wear public areas. For busy shops, showrooms and offices a laminate floor with an AC5 rating should be sufficient. Find out more about AC ratings here.

Sisu Indoor Flooring

How durable is your indoor flooring?

Sisu luxury vinyl tiles come in two different levels of durability dependent on the thickness of their wear layers. The click LVT tiles are 4mm thick and have a wear layer of 0.3mm whereas the dryback tiles are thinner (2.5mm), they have a thicker wear layer of 0.55mm. This difference makes the dryback tiles more suited for commercial areas. The wear layer of 0.3mm on Sisu Click LVT is still more than enough for very busy residential homes.

Sisu laminate planks also come in two different levels of durability dependent on their thickness. The 8mm planks have a durability level of AC4 and the 12mm boards have an AC5 rating. While both are great and highly durable, if you’d like to install laminate flooring in your home, the 8mm planks with a durability level of AC4 will be sufficient. If you are, however, planning on using laminate in a commercial area such as a restaurant or store which has a lot of footfall to endure, a 12mm plank with an AC5 rating may be more suited for your project.

How many layers does your indoor flooring have and what do they do?

LVT is composed of six layers to ensure the tiles are durable, easy to maintain and waterproof. At the bottom of the tile, there is a robust vinyl base layer which prevents curling, keeping the LVT lying flat. The glass fibre on top is specified for dimensional stability and to dampen sounds. The perfectly compounded support structure helps to achieve even and precise tile laying. A high definition print honours nature with unparalleled beauty and depth as the detailed design layer gives the authentic and realistic appearance of natural stone or wood. The wear layer, which is what makes LVT so durable, is toughened to tackle even the most demanding environments. It is scratch resistant making it perfect for pet owners and has a stain guarding technology built-in to make it easy to maintain. The final layer is UV protected to ensure the vinyl floor tiling won’t fade in colour due to sunlight.

Laminate planks are composed of four layers. At the bottom, the backing layer preserves structural stability for even and precise tile laying, the HDF core on top of this is composed of perfectly compounded recycled wood fibre for stabilising support, the high definition print honours nature with authentic wood grain patterns, and the final layer on top is the wear layer which has been toughened to tackle even the most demanding environments.

Is your indoor flooring water resistant?

Sisu LVT is an incredibly water-resistant material and if installed properly water cannot seep through its edges. Sisu Click LVT is as a result suitable for installation in all rooms of the house, including kitchens and bathrooms. Sisu Dryback LVT can be installed in most commercial areas, such as hotel receptions, showrooms, and restaurant kitchens.

Sisu Laminate meets the water tightness requirements (EN 13553), but due to its high wood content, laminate generally has a low moisture resistance. Areas with constant interaction with water, such as bathrooms, should therefore be avoided. Water should also not be left to stand on laminate flooring. Our laminate moisture protection sealant can be used during the installation process to prevent moisture damage in areas likely to be splashed. The sealant can be found here.

Is your indoor flooring scratch resistant?

Sisu LVT and laminate are durable and resistant to scratching, though some precautions should be made to keep your product looking fresher for longer. LVT and laminate are both more scratch resistant than hardwood.

Is your indoor flooring slippery?

Sisu LVT has been tested on its slip resistance using the DIN 51130 test on which it scored the highest possible slip rating of R13.

Sisu Laminate is also slip resistant and was classified as Class DS (dry) (EN 13893). Both of our indoor flooring options are thus slip resistant, although we do recommend that any spillage is cleaned up as soon as possible to prevent any accidents and to enhance the durability of your flooring.

Is your indoor flooring antistatic?

Yes, Sisu indoor flooring is antistatic or static dissipative.

Will my indoor flooring look natural?

The high definition print layers in both Sisu LVT and laminate are of the highest quality. Sisu LVT honours nature with unparalleled beauty and depth as the detailed design layer gives the authentic and realistic appearance of natural stone or wood. Sisu Laminate also crafts the effect of real wood with authentic and unique embossed etchings. We recommend shuffling your Sisu tiles or planks prior to installation to give a more natural look and avoid laying tiles with similar patterns adjacent to one another.

We also provide scotia beading and door trims for the perfect finishing touch to your flooring. The scotia beading, we provide comes in a variety of colours and has been colour matched with Sisu flooring. To find the right scotia beading for your flooring, simply look under the product images or the description of the scotia beading, or check the ‘Complete Your Project’ section on the LVT or laminate product page for the correct suggestion. Our team is also only a call away and are happy to help and give design tips.

Care & Maintenance

Is your indoor flooring low maintenance?

No special treatment is required on Sisu LVT or Laminate. Sisu Click LVT and Sisu Laminate are incredibly low maintenance and are ready to go once installed. Sisu Dryback LVT is ready to go 48 hours after installation. Sisu flooring only requires a sweep and an occasional mop to remove any dirt or grime. To ensure you don’t use any chemicals that can harm your flooring, please buy cleaning products specifically for LVT and laminate flooring. These products can be found here.

Can I steam clean my flooring?

No. Steam cleaning is unadvised as it can make LVT unstable and intense moisture can warp laminate. Learn more about how to clean Sisu indoor flooring in the installation guides.

How do I remove a scratch from my flooring?

In many cases, yes. Scratches can be made almost invisible to the eye after using an LVT or laminate scratch repair or concealer. The physical indentation will remain; however the visible white scratch can be removed. If a board becomes more seriously damaged, it is also easy to replace without disrupting the rest of the floor. Check our installation guides to replace a tile or plank.

Can your indoor flooring be used with underfloor heating?

Sisu LVT and Sisu Laminate are perfectly suitable for use with underfloor heating, provided the surface temperature does not exceed 27°C. However, do not use furnishings over your flooring with underfloor heating that may create hot-spots or thermal blocks, such as rubber-backed rugs or other items which do not allow heat to circulate freely.

Can I use rugs and mats on my flooring?

Yes, but only if the rug or mat has been labelled “colourfast” by the manufacturer. Use non-staining backed mats. Avoid rubber, carpet tape or latex as it marks LVT and laminate.

Will office chair wheels damage my flooring?

Some precautions should be taken with office chair wheels to avoid wear. Don’t use office chairs with rubber wheels as they can leave marks. A modified transparent office chair mat can be placed beneath the chair for protection. Alternatively, ask your supplier if you can order soft caster wheels with your chair.


Why do you recommend allowing for 10% waste?

Almost all projects will require some tiles or planks to be cut. Therefore, we recommend adding a few additional tiles and planks to allow for any scraps. Furthermore, it is also advisable to have a few extra tiles and planks for any future repairs. If you did not use some tiles and planks and they are in an unopened box, you can arrange to return these items for a refund. To find out more click here.  

Is your indoor flooring easy to install?

The installation systems on our indoor flooring make them very easy to install. LVT Click and Sisu Laminate both have a built-in click installation system. This means that the tiles or planks can simply be clicked together which makes installation quick and easy for DIY and professional installers. The LVT ‘Dryback’ tiles are installed with an adhesive, offering a flexible option which is perfect for any commercial space.

What is an acclimatisation period and how long is it for your indoor flooring?

An acclimatisation period is the time it takes for flooring to get accustomed to the climate of the room it will be installed in. This ensure the tiles or planks will be uniformly conditioned and the installation systems won't be compromised.

Sisu LVT and Laminate should be left boxed in the Sisu packs for 48 hours. The boxes should be laid flat and under the typical heating conditions of the room (ideally 15-20°C). Laminate should also be left in a room at a relative humidity of 30-75%. The temperature must also be maintained for at least 24 hours after installing to reduce any movement due to heat expansion.

If climate conditions are outside of this suggested range, we strongly advise leaving the opened packages for a week prior to installation. Keep the boxes in the middle of the room where the floor is to be installed, away from heat (such as radiators) and moisture (such as recently plastered walls or damp basements).

How do I prepare my subfloor before installation?

Before fitting Sisu, your subfloor must be solid, smooth, level, clean, dry and dust-free. Prior to installing your flooring, make sure you remove any existing floor covering, check that there are no signs of mould, clear the subfloor and remove or nail down any loose parts. Any unevenness of more than 1mm across a 20cm length must be levelled, for which we recommend a floor levelling compound.

If installing Click LVT, we recommend using an underlay. This is not necessary if the subfloor is suitably flat, however we recommend using one in order to reduce subfloor preparation time, as well as giving the floor a greater level of sound and thermal insulation.

In addition to an underlay, a vapour barrier should be installed on top of an underlay when installing laminate flooring. Laminate is wood-based and will therefore warp in contact with water. Vapour barriers are the simplest and most effective method of protection; they are essential if installing laminate onto concrete subflooring and highly recommended if installing onto wooden subfloors.

Do I need expansion gaps?

Sisu Click LVT and Sisu Laminate should be installed with a 5mm expansion gap at the perimeter of the room and around objects, pipes, between adjacent flooring types and under doors.

Do I need to leave my indoor flooring before walking on it?

When installing Sisu Click LVT or Laminate, your flooring is ready for use once installed. If you are installing Sisu Dryback LVT, your flooring cannot be walked on for at least 48 hours after installation as the adhesive needs time to dry.  

For full installation guides, please click here for Sisu Click LVT, here for Sisu Dryback LVT and here for Sisu Laminate.

Environmental Pledge

Is Sisu indoor flooring sustainable?

EnviroBuild are proud to offer the most sustainable LVT system on the market. The middle and back layers of Sisu LVT are made using recycled PVC adding up to a recycled content of up to 35%. The tiles also have a low VOC emission and are phthalate free.

All the wood used to produce Sisu laminate planks is recycled and due to adhesives and other layers, the total recycled content of the boards is over 70%. Like Sisu LVT, Sisu Laminate also has a low VOC emission and is phthalate-free.

Both indoor flooring options are easy to maintain and do not require harsh chemicals for treatment or cleaning, meaning that less harmful substances are leaked into the environment as well.

How else is EnviroBuild sustainable?

We ensure that the materials we supply are certified with a high recycled content & recyclability level, long working life, plus where possible, the manufacturing process incorporates environmentally beneficial best practices. To go a step further, we donate 10% of our profits to sustainable causes to help become a carbon negative business. Read more about our environmental pledge here.

Stockists & Installers

Where can I buy EnviroBuild products?

EnviroBuild has partnered with both trusted installers and merchants all over Ireland. All you need do is click on our partners map, enter your Eircode or town and select either your preferred merchant or installer. Once selected you will be provided with their contact details and store address(merchants only). Simply contact/visit any of our partners and let them know you are an EnviroBuild customer and what you require – Click here

How do the installers and merchants operate?

This can vary from business to business or project to project however typically an installer will set up a site visit to access your plans and space and then provide a quote for both supply and installation. If you already have your owner installation plans merchants will be able to supply you with a cost for the materials only with some offering a delivery service too.

I can’t find a suitable installer or merchant, what now?

If this happens contact EnviroBuild directly at ie-info@envirobuild.com and let us know what you require and we will do our best to help you.

What if I need technical support?

All our installers and merchants are well equipped to help with any questions you may have around the product, the installation steps or working out what materials you need. However, if you prefer you can check out our online resource centre for our complete library of resources or you can contact us at ie-info@envirobuild.com with your question.

How are your merchants and installers selected?

We actively searched for installers and merchants in Ireland who came highly recommended. We then spoke to them each individually, asked them about their business, their company ethics and competence before working with them. Our partners are in constant contact with us and we aim to get customer feedback when possible.

What if a merchant doesn't stock what I need?

If you speak to a merchant/stockist about an EnviroBuild product and they neither stock the item or are able to order it for you, please contact us directly and we will try to put you in contact with a merchant who can help.

Can I buy EnviroBuild materials from a merchant not listed on your website?

If you want to buy from a merchant not listed on our website, ask them to contact us so that we can discuss setting up an account with them.

Can I use an installer not recommended on your website?

Yes of course, all our products are easy to install and do not require special training. Simple tell your installer your preferred colour and design and your installer can purchase from one of our stockist around the country. They can also contact us directly with any questions they may have or to enquire about joining our network of trusted installers.



Crafting the effect of real stone and wood designs, makes Sisu indoor flooring the perfect addition to many homes. Its beautiful elegance welcomes guests from the moment they walk into your hallway. The...

Crafting the effect of real stone and wood designs, makes Sisu indoor flooring the perfect addition to many homes. Its beautiful elegance welcomes guests from the moment they walk into your hallway. The natural designs on our indoor flooring effortlessly bring the outdoors into your living room, dining room and bedroom. Water- and stainproof Sisu luxury vinyl tiles are also the ideal flooring for your kitchen and bathroom. Spillage and dirt is easily cleaned up and no special treatment is required. With thick wear layers and highly tested levels of durability, Sisu indoor flooring can also be used in the more hidden rooms, such as outhouses, basements and garages.

It is the extremely durable nature that makes Sisu Dryback LVT and Sisu 12mm Laminate, which have been especially designed for commercial areas, the ideal flooring for public spaces. From offices, shops and training centres to hotels, bars and restaurants, the easy to lay tiles and planks are the perfect fit.

Whether you are looking for beautifully designed residential flooring or highly durable tiles, our installation guides cover both the tongue and groove system of laminate and Click LVT, and the laying of Sisu Dryback LVT. It’s quick, simple, and easy.

View Case Studies
View Case Studies

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