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We offer a variety of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes which are available both in person as online webinars. Our CPD's provide your team with an insight into the industry that stretches beyond the expectations and coverings of their core training. Aiming to broaden knowledge, experience and awareness. Offering the skills and expertise that can be applied to your teams work going forward.

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BS8579 – Balcony & Terrace Coverings

This CPD will cover everything you need to be aware of in complying with the latest building regulations regarding non-combustible materials, providing valuable insight into contemporary construction and design.
The session will provide you with the key understanding of The Building (Amendment) Regulations (S.I. 2018/ 1230) legislation and the ways it has shifted and impacted the construction industry, paying particular attention to balcony design. Exploring the factors you need to take into account when including balconies in your project such as; fire safety, slips rating, inclusive design, balcony drainage and wind uplift.
This will give you the practical skills you need to ensure your projects are compliant and sharing valuable insights into the possible A-Class-rated solutions that you can implement into your designs and projects to overcome these new challenges.

Embodied Carbon- What Even is an EPD?

This CPD course will provide you with the latest industry knowledge and insights to help you keep up with the ever-evolving green building industry.
Through our comprehensive training, you will gain a better understanding of the principles, processes and categories involved in life cycle analyses (LCAs) and environmental product declarations (EPDs).
This will provide you with the practical skills needed to read, understand and compare EPDs. Helping you make more informed decisions on your future projects.

Wind Uplift

Stay ahead of the latest legislation with our wind uplift CPD. This course will help you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure that your projects are protected from the dangers of wind uplift and stay compliant with the legislation.
This training will help you get to grips with basics of atmospheric pressure and the effect of wind on a structure.
Discover how wind uplift is calculated, the dangers of wind uplift and the possible risks of the industries current attitudes on the subject. Whilst exploring the different wind uplift systems available and guidance on the most effective solutions to make your project safe and compliant.
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