Porcelain Decking

Wind Uplift System

This system uses adjustable steel pedestals to give total control over the height and slope of the structure. MESA Non-Combustible Adhesive can be supplied to meet wind uplift standards.

The simplest system for avoiding wind-uplift of paving slabs

Non-Combustible Adhesive by MESA is an A2 fire rated epoxy adhesive. The adhesive holds the paving slabs to the joists beneath, preventing the uprooting of slabs in the event of very strong winds.







Fire Resistant to EN 13501-1

A1 certified porcelain

Variable Height

With a 48–603 mm range

A Range of Looks

Selection of wood and stone finishes available

Passes Wind Uplift Standards

Using MESA Non-combustible Adhesive

Easily adjustable slopes and heights

This system uses joists with easily adjustable steel cradles to give total control over the height and slope of the structure. 2 mm spacers fit neatly into the channel of the aluminium joists and make it easy to evenly lay the paving slabs.


Technical Specification

Size1200 x 200 or 1200 x 400 mm
Profile20 mm
Slip RatingR11
Reaction to fireA1
Warranty10 year structural warranty
FinishLithographic wood

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