Composite Cladding Care Guide

How to clean and maintain composite cladding

Hyperion composite cladding is low maintenance, however with a little cleaning you can help keep your outside space looking beautiful for longer.
Please note: Uncapped composite cladding products (such as our Pioneer range) are relatively colour stable, however, there may be some initial lightening as the product naturally weathers over the first 8-10 weeks.

Cleaning composite cladding

Composite cladding can be washed with soapy water and a soft bristled brush.
Maintaining a clean, dry surface is the best method for combating dirt, grime and mildew build up, where a periodic cleaning is all that may be required. Even though Hyperion products are formulated to inhibit mildew growth and staining, mildew stains can occur where moisture and dirt or pollen is present.
With the proper safety precautions a power washer can be used (recommended max. 1500psi pressure). You should ensure to spray in the direction of the grain of the boards and use a fan tip nozzle (min. 6 inches from surface) along with the proper cleaning product.

Spot stains

Many stains can be cleaned with soap or household de-greasing agent and warm water. Scrub and soak the affected area as soon as the stain occurs to ensure best results, then rinse off with warm water.
For more stubborn stains we recommend using a composite specific cleaner for more effective stain removal. Only with very set stains, you may want to use coarse sandpaper (60-80 grit) and sand lightly (Pioneer range products only), always in the direction of the grain of the product (be careful if sanding the flat wood grained side of the Pioneer decking board as this can remove the enhanced wood grain effect).
Cleaned or sanded areas may lighten, which can require 8-10 weeks exposure to the sun to match the remaining product, depending on location and specific application. Due to the wood content, composite products, like any wood-based product, may experience a naturally occurring process called Extractive Bleeding (known as tea staining). This process can cause a temporary discoloration that will fade with time.

Can you paint composite cladding?

Technically, yes, it is possible for composite cladding to be to painted or stained. However, it may void your warranty.
Composite cladding has a coloured pigment baked into the board, so it does not require painting at all. Also, due to the plastic content within composite cladding there is no need for any further treatment to aid as a protective layer.
EnviroBuild does not guarantee or recommend anything applied to Hyperion products. If you are still wanting to paint your cladding, wait until the product has completed its weathering process and ensure you have a clean and dry surface prior to applying any paint or stain. Always apply products in accordance with the manufacturer’s application instructions.

Scrapes and scratches

Surface scratches and abrasions will fade after weathering. However, scrape and scratch marks can be eliminated by using a wire brush or coarse 60-80 grit sandpaper (Pioneer range products only). Simply brush/sand in the direction of the grain on the product until the mark has gone. The treated area will weather back in approximately 8-10 weeks.