Decking Corner Trim Installation

How to install corner trim for your Hyperion® composite decking


Corner trim can be used with fascia to cover exposed board sides and substructure. A corner trim is an L-shaped profile that sits on the corner of the deck edge to provide a capping.
Note: Installing corner trim results in visible screws. If you are concerned about visible screws pick up a pack of coloured screws to make them less visible. We offer colour-matched screws for our Hyperion products.

Step 1

Measure and mitre

Measure the required amount of corner trim and cut down to size, mitre down the ends at 45° angles if installing around corners.

Step 2

Place the corner trim

Cover the deck edge with corner trim.

Step 3

Fix the corner trim

Pre-drill 4mm countersunk pilot holes, then fix with 50mm countersunk screws.
  • Do not overdrive screws when through composite products, finish tightening by hand.
  • Corner trims should only be screwed into the deck.
  • It is not recommended to attach the trim using glue.

Expansion gaps

Ensure you have left appropriate expansion gaps where corner trim ends meet (minimum 0.2% of the board length).