Diagonal Decking Installation

How to install Hyperion® composite decking in a diagonal orientation


  • Recommended joist centres for diagonal installation are 250mm.
  • It is also recommended that you add 15% extra material when building a diagonal deck as you will generate more scrap from cutting.

Diagonal decking installation

Step 1

Install the central board

Place the central board first; ensuring to place the board at a 45┬░ angle.
  • Install 1 hidden fastener each time the board crosses a joist.
  • Always use hidden fasteners to secure board ends.
  • Use 1 fastener per board end at butt joints (never share a fastener across 2 board ends).
  • Use a mitre square to ensure an exact 45┬░ angle.

Step 2

Install the remaining deck boards

After laying the central board, progressively place each board outward toward the subframe corners.
  • Boards offcuts can be kept and used for finishing the corners.
  • Allow a slight overhang over the edge of the substructure.

Step 3

Trim the overhang

Once all boards have been fixed in placed, trim the deck board overhang with a circular saw.

Step 4

Finish the deck

Complete the deck with an edge finishing.