How to cut composite decking

Which circular saw blade should you use for cutting composite decking


When considering any decking project it is likely that you are going to have to cut some decking boards to get them to the right dimensions. From jigsaws to chop saws, the thousands of available tools and methods can be confusing.
Most of the major saw blade manufacturers will produce what appears to be similar blades across the market. However, the prices may range from £5 to £100 due to differences in quality. These prices are predominantly influenced by design, amount or carbide and the quality of carbide used in the blade.

What do you use to cut composite decking?

We recommend using a circular saw for cutting composite decking quickly, efficiently and accurately. You could also use a table saw or mitre saw, but the portability of a circular saw makes it more handy.
It's best to cut composite decking in the morning while the air is cool. The material expands and becomes slightly more malleable as the temperature increases, which can make it more difficult to cut.

What blade is best for cutting composite decking?

A 40-tooth alternate top bevel finish blade with carbide tips is best for cutting composite decking boards. We have found that a 40 tooth blade is the perfect balance of speed and accuracy. The carbide means that the blade will maintain its sharpness for a longer period of time.
The alternate top bevel finish blade refers to the tooth configuration on the blade. In this instance this specific configuration makes the angle of the teeth useful for cutting decking material like composite boards, natural wood or veneered plywood.

Why is the amount of teeth important?

The amount of teeth on the blade is important to the speed and accuracy of the cut. A blade with a lower tooth count will cut faster but with a rougher finish. Alternatively, the higher the tooth-count on the blade, the slower the cut but the more accurate it will be.
With this in mind, if you choose a blade with a tooth count that is too high then you run the risk of the cut being too slow and burning the material you are cutting. This may be problematic with composite materials of a high level of plastic.

Which brand of circular saw blade is best?

We recommend going for one of the more well-known makes such as DeWalt, Bosch or Titan for cutting composite decking. These blades tend to keep their sharpness for a longer period of time. Meaning you won’t have to replace the blade as often.

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