EnviroBuild is leading the sustainable revolution in the construction industry.

We're working toward this vision by never compromising on quality or sustainability, reducing embedded carbon in products where possible and also by donating 10% of all profits to sustainable causes.
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Moving production over to renewable energy where we can

As part of our ongoing Life Cycle Assessment, we are delighted to announce our Hyperion® Composite and Sisu LVT ranges have switched to being produced using 100% wind power.

Long lasting products with the highest possible recycled content

We strive to be market leaders in the use and promotion of recycling materials. We have also looked where possible to increase the use of recycled materials in accessories and packaging.

A 10% Pledge: One tenth of profits go to sustainable causes

Every year, under our pledge, EnviroBuild donates 10% of profits to sustainable causes to protect endangered biodiversity and help become a carbon negative business.

Diverting plastic waste from landfill.

Based on the average weight of an empty plastic bottle, we have saved the equivalent of over 195,000,000 plastic bottles from landfill by using recycled materials in our products.
Additionally, we have prevented over 6,000 trees worth of wood from being wasted, saving valuable forests from unnecessary destruction through recycling existing resources.

Our future roadmap

Driven by our environmental mission, we aim to be industry leaders in the world of sustainable construction, encouraging the industry as a whole to follow suit.

We have a dedicated product development team that focus on green innovation with the ultimate aim of establishing a closed loop across all products. In close collaboration with suppliers, we continually work to improve the product range so we can offer market leading solutions for performance, quality and environmental standards.

62,500,000 trees protected and counting...

Made possible by our 10% Pledge donations

33,000 trees

per day

1,300 trees

per hour

23 trees

every minute

Our partnership with Rainforest Trust UK.

Rainforest Trust is a non-profit charity that helps to preserve Earth’s remaining primary rainforests and marine sanctuaries through community engagement and local partnerships in vulnerable areas around the world. Rainforests are the pinnacle of life’s variety and complexity, and are the most diverse places on our planet, however, an average of 200,000 acres are destroyed every day.

Rainforest Trust focus their efforts around three main protected area types; land acquisition, land designation and community-managed areas. Since starting donations in 2016, we have donated towards a wide variety of Rainforest Trust projects with 100% of all donations going directly to the project on the ground.
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