Eglinton Road Aluminium Decking

Located at the prominent intersection of Eglinton Rd and Donnybrook Rd, this impressive development comprises staggered residential buildings positioned around a beautifully landscaped central courtyard. The buildings range from three stories at the Brookvale Rd side to twelve stories at the corner, offering a total of 148 high-end residential apartments in a prominent, central, and easily accessible urban setting. The development includes attractive landscaped terraces on the seventh floor, connecting to indoor residential amenities like event spaces, cinema rooms, a gym, and concierge services at ground level.

Project Breakdown

Eglinton Road, situated at the entrance to Dublin City, offers 139 apartments, 9 two-bedroom duplex units, communal facilities, basement parking, and aligns with Sustainable Urban Housing design standards. These well-lit, spacious apartments feature contemporary design and overlook an internal courtyard garden many of which will include private balconies.

The Solution

Envirobuild's Pro-Grip aluminum non-combustible decking in Anthracite Grey has been chosen for the Eglinton Road project's high-quality residential apartments. This selection was made to furnish the project's balconies with a blend of style, fire safety, and durability. Situated in a prominent, central, and easily accessible urban location, the Pro-Grip decking not only enhances the project's aesthetic appeal but also ensures safety and long-lasting performance. Its non-combustible nature offers peace of mind while adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design, making it a perfect choice for this upscale residential development.

Project Details

Size: 1,058 m²
Main Contractor:
Elliott Group
Location: Dublin