Residential Irish Balconies

This project involved the construction of modern, energy-efficient homes that can stand as a testament to sustainable urban development, boasting cutting-edge design and technology. Situated in the heart of Blanchardstown village, residents will enjoy the convenience of having all major amenities, from shops to schools, parks, and public transportation, within easy walking distance. Helping both address the pressing demand for affordable housing and revitalise the local area.

Project Breakdown

The construction of 26 A-rated social homes was a pivotal project, addressing the escalating housing demand while transforming the local landscape. These modern, energy-efficient homes not only meet the pressing need for affordable housing but also elevate the aesthetic appeal of the area. These stylish, fire-safe residences are built to endure, offering a lasting solution to housing challenges while enriching the community's visual and functional fabric.

The Solution

EnviroBuild's Hyperion Aqua Channel Aluminium Decking was the natural choice, offering both style and safety. With 150 Aqua-Channel boards creating a seamless surface, this innovative decking system is designed with a slight slope to direct liquids downward. A specially designed drainage piece efficiently collects and channels liquids away. This not only ensures a contemporary and enduring solution but also enhances the safety and comfort of residents, making it the ideal choice for modern living.

Project Details

Isherwood Ellis
Main Contractor:
DHD Construction
Location: Ireland