Douglas Golf Club Fencing

Set on a plateau with beautiful views across the golf course, Cork City and Inner Harbour, Douglas Golf Club required a new fence that would accompany the charm of the setting and the serenity of the course.

The Solution

The Golf Club needed a new fencing product at two locations; a higher fence with double gates to segregate the service yard, and another longer run of fencing to divide the clubhouse from the course itself.
The purpose of the new fencing was two-fold, with the additional duty of enhancing the views of the clubhouse for onlooking golfers on the course, hiding more unsightly elements such as the pub service area.
Hyperion composite fencing was a great solution for this hospitality project, offering an elegant design whilst accommodating for bespoke heights and tight deadlines. Expertly installed by a recommended installer, this new fencing tolerated a large storm without fault just a week after installation, which had caused significant damage to other infrastructure in the area.

Customer Feedback

“The members of the golf course are very pleased with their new clubhouse and we have gotten many compliments on the fencing and are impressed with the sustainability, durability and no-maintenance aspect of the fence. It also got a very stiff test about a week after opening when a big storm hit causing lots of damage everywhere, but the fence stood up."
Tom Fitzgerald,
Composite Deck

Project Details

Size: 48 m²
O'Sheas Builders
Location: Maryborough Hill, Cork City