Modern Gazebo

The client was looking to give their garden a refurbishment and came to Envirobuild with a design to create a gazebo feature that would bring together their patio and the rest of the outdoor space.
After looking around for materials the client did not like the idea of having to treat and re-varnish wooden slats over the years, they came to us looking for a low maintenance solution.

The Solution

The Project used Hyperion fence posts (2 m high) in the shade “Granite” to create a sturdy frame. The grooved detail of the posts was used to create the detailed side wings of the Gazebo
For the roof of the structure, the design utilised Hyperion fencing slats in the shade Stone. This composite material was well suited to the job due to its low water absorption rate, even when battling the elements, it won’t warp, rot or splinter.
The backboard was created using our Pioneer fascia boards in the shade stone. To create the slim pergola like slats the client easily trimmed the fascia boards down to size.
All together the client brought together versatile products from completely different ranges to create a harmonious and unique garden centre piece.

Customer Feedback

The client was very happy with the finished result, they like that the structure is relatively low maintenance, they found the materials were high quality and the service was responsive and professional.

Project Details

Size: 2 metres high & 3 metres wide
Product: Stone Fascia Board,
Stone Fence Panel | Granite Posts
Substructure: Treated Timber
Location: London