Decking Steps & Stairs Installation

How to install steps and stairs for Hyperion® composite decking

Important information

  • Steps must be a minimum of 2 boards deep and a maximum of 190mm high per step rise (220mm in private installations).
  • It is the customers responsibility to ensure the installation meets the stipulation of the minimum and maximum step rise, step going (depth) and pitch required, as per ‘Document K: Building Regulations 1992’.
  • If creating the step support frame using
    Manticore plastic lumber
    , it is recommended that you use 50 x 150mm profile bearers and only in a box frame structure.

Decking step installation

Step 1

Plan your stairs

Plan your step area, taking into account the decking board and riser width, when designing the tread and rise dimensions.

Step 2

Construct a frame

Create a box frame to support your step area:
  • Ensure that the boards are supported at the appropriate joist centres.
  • If you are creating multiple steps, ensure the base box is large enough to stack all steps on top.
For multiple steps create additional smaller box frames and place on top.

Step 3

Secure the frame

You can secure the separate box frames by inserting a post into the inner corner of the box frame and screwing in place.


Alternatively you can create step stringers using appropriate width treated timber.

Step nosing installation

Method 1

Edge board step nosing

Explorer edge boards can be used to create the perfect flush finish for steps
Install the edge boards and decking step treads as per
parallel edge board installation

Method 2

Fascia board step nosing

For the step riser, attach Pioneer or Frontier fascia boards by screwing directly through into the step frame.
  • Ensure to pre-drill 4mm countersunk pilot holes and do not overdrive screw
Install the fascia boards according to our
fascia board installation

Method 3

Corner trim step nosing

Install corner nosing trim when using Pioneer range deck boards for the riser.
  • Ensure to pre-drill 4mm countersunk pilot holes and do not overdrive screw.
Install the corner trim according to our
corner trim installation