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EnviroBuild moves to renewable energy
Manticore is moving to renewable energy!
After successfully moving our Hyperion manufacturing to 100% renewable wind power in 2021. We have now given our Manticore range of products the same treatment.
EnviroBuild Products Powered by Wind Energy
We are proud to announce that many of our core products have been moved to wind power. Discover which products are now manufactured using 100% renewable wind energy.
6 Signs of Unhealthy Decking - When to Replace a Wooden Deck?
Whether you purchased a new property with a deck or have had your deck for years, it’s a good idea to routinely check for signs of wear and tear. As an extension of your living space that creates continuity between the outdoors and inside, your deck should be a safe and functional area. Here are 6 main signs of unhealthy decking to look out for.
Impact Report
Discover the steps we have taken to reduce EnviroBuild's impact on the environment and ways we are leading the sustainable revolution in the construction industry and beyond.
EnviroBuild joins the World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced Programme
EnviroBuild are delighted to announce that we have joined the World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced programme, which enables individuals and organisations to offset their residual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through protection and restoration of carbon-rich wildlife habitats in the tropics.
‘Green’ Your Aluminium with EnviroBuild
Aluminium has enormous potential for becoming the material of a carbon-neutral world. Its prevalence and high recyclability can reduce the carbon footprint of whole supply chains. That's why we offer the opportunity to 'Green' your aluminium by switching to green electricity and we will split the bill.
Sisu LVT vs Competitors - A Life Cycle Assessment
There are so many claims made around the sustainability of materials that it is hard for both consumers and professionals alike to determine what the truth is. To help you make informed buying decisions EnviroBuild has conducted an LCA for Sisu LVT and compared the findings to our competitors.
What to Do With Composite Decking, Cladding, or Fencing Offcuts?
When doing some landscaping, it’s natural that you may have some scrap offcuts. If you want to avoid waste as much as we do, why not use these leftover composite boards to create something practical and beautiful for your outdoor space like some of the things below.
EnviroBuild Win The International Green Apple Environment Award
We at EnviroBuild are incredibly proud to win the Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice within the “Building & Construction, Innovation” category at the International Green Apple Environment Awards.
EnviroBuild Wins Ethical And Green Business Of The Year
EnviroBuild is proud to announce that they have been awarded the Federation of Small Business London Ethical and Green Business of the year award.
Sisu LVT Manufactured With 100% Renewable Wind Energy
We are very proud to announce that Sisu LVT is now fully manufactured and produced using wind energy. From mining all the way to factory production.
EnviroBuild urges world leaders to deliver coherent climate strategy in countdown to G20 and COP26 summits
At EnviroBuild we are standing with over 600 businesses worldwide and over 80 UK-based companies in a collective call to strengthen international and national climate targets ahead of the pivotal G20 and COP26 talks.
How to Start Building Your Garden Room
Whether you are looking for some extra space to use as a home office, a gym, or an extra bedroom, a garden room may be the perfect solution for you. Building a whole new building in your garden may seem daunting, but the information and inspiration below should answer most of your queries. Our expert, on-hand team are here to help as well and ensure you create the perfect addition to your garden that will suit your needs.
EnviroBuild name an amphibian in honour of Donald Trump's commitment to environmental issues.
As long-time supporter of Rainforest Trust, we were intrigued by an auction to name new species of flora and fauna discovered in rainforests being protected through our donations. Paying $25,000, the highest price in the entire auction, EnviroBuild bought the naming rights for the caecilian, a type of Panamanian amphibian, which we have chosen to call Dermophis donaldtrumpi after Donald Trump.
Household recycling by local authority: has your local area improved?
The latest statistics from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) reveal that the UK recycling rate for ‘waste from households’ fell from 44.9 per cent in 2014 to 44.3 per cent in 2015.
The surprising things that you can’t recycle and how it is causing a real problem
Figures released this week by the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs revealed that for the first time the percentage of household waste being recycled has declined. With the government aiming to increase recycling levels to 50% by 2020 this step backwards is an unwanted set back. One of the leadings causes for this is contamination causing entire lorry-loads of recyclables to be rejected.
Ways to Run a More Sustainable Home Project
Sustainability has become increasingly topical and its importance is ever growing alongside the demands of our environment. Sustainability starts at home. If you’re planning on completing a DIY project, take some time to think about the ways in which you could make your mission more sustainable.
5 Sustainability Myths Debunked
You see it emblazoned on shop windows on the high street or your friend’s chatting to you about becoming vegan. It’s a word we’re now hearing and seeing everywhere, but what does “sustainability” really mean?
Protecting 101 Acres of Sumatra’s Rainforest- The Last Stand of The Sumatran Rhino
In April 2016 we were able to help Rainforest Trust protect 101 Acres of key rainforest on the Indonesian island of Sumatra as part of their project aiming at saving the Sumatran Rhino. In total Rainforest Trust were able to protect 184,795 acres in the Aceh province, the only province in the world where you can still find the Critically Endangered Sumatran Rhinoceros, Sumatran Orangutan, Sumatran Elephant and the Sumatran Tiger.
Scotland Strengthens Fire Regulations
In July 2019, the Scottish Government published a new technical handbook addressing fire safety within both domestic and non-domestic buildings. The planned changes in guidance came into force on the 1st of October 2019.
Cladding on building
Cladding Fire Regulations
In the UK and also throughout the EU, the fire safety rating of construction materials is determined by the European Reaction to Fire classification system (Euroclass system) which was introduced in England in the early 2000s.
Balcony Building Regulations
Over the past few years there has been a significant shift in building practises and material specifications of high-rise balconies and terraces. The introduction of BS 8579:2020 provides a standard that encourages the building of safer and more inclusive balconies and terraces.
Non Combustible Decking Balcony
Non-Combustible Decking Regulations
Following mass campaigns in support of improved legislation and stricter regulation, England implemented the first post-Grenfell piece of fire legislation in December 2018.
Simple Ways to Live More Sustainably According to Our Employees
To help celebrate Earth Day we have asked our employees to share their tips for living a more sustainable life. That we hope will help you on your sustainability journey.
What Flooring Is Best for My Project?
When choosing a new floor the area of your project may be the most important to consider before settling down on a flooring type. Sisu have the perfect flooring for any project.
Protecting 2,300 Acres Of Cameroon’s Atlantic Rainforest
Through our partnership with Rainforest Trust UK we have helped protect 2,300 Acres of vital Atlantic Rainforest. Helping to increase the protection of The Douala-Edea Wildlife Reserve, which has been identified as one of the most important conservation landscapes in Central Africa.
Protecting 6235 Acres to Help Create the Red Panda Community Forest
Through our partnership with Rainforest Trust UK we have helped protect 6235 Acres of forest in Nepal to help create The Red Panda Community Forest.
Hyperion Composites Now Manufactured using 100% Renewable Wind Energy
As part of our ongoing Life Cycle Assessment, EnviroBuild are delighted to announce our Hyperion composite ranges have switched to wind powered manufacturing . Meaning that all Hyperion composite products are now manufactured using 100% renewable energy.
How EnviroBuild Can Help You Pass Your EWS1 Review
Since the Grenfell catastrophe in 2017 the government has banned using combustible materials on new high-rise buildings over 18 meters in height. Which was an important step to help prevent a future disaster. However this new legislation has resulted in many homeowners struggling to insure or sell their homes.
EnviroBuild Publishes its First Environmental Product Declaration, for Hyperion Composite Products
EnviroBuild are proud to be the first company in the UK to publish the environmental impact of its composite products with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).
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