EnviroBuild Products Powered by Wind Energy

We are proud to announce that many of our core products have been moved to wind power. Discover which products are now manufactured using 100% renewable wind energy.

We believe in continual improvement and innovation, which is why we’ve not only launched our Life Cycle Assessments, but acted on the weak points we discovered. 2021 was therefore the year EnviroBuild made a massive push toward wind energy manufacturing.
Our Life Cycle Assessments (LCA's) showed that manufacturing with grid electricity was easily the largest contributor to the Global Warming Potential of certain products. It was clear that while changing to manufacturing using renewable wind-generated electricity would be a challenging project it would have the most significant impact on the sustainability of our products. For that reason we have moved the following projects to 100% wind energy manufacturing.

Composite Decking

Hyperion Composite Decking
is made using 90% recycled materials and created from an innovative composition of up to 60% FSC® certified reclaimed wood and 30% post consumer waste recycled High Density Polyethylene (HPDE). All the recycled wood in our products are FSC® meaning that the wood has been sourced from a sustainably managed forest and never from damaging illegal logging operations. All ranges of Hyperion Composite Decking as now manufactured using 100% renewable wind energy. Which has allowed us to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of our Composite Decking by 32%.
In addition to this Hyperion Composite Decking has a lower global warming potential (GWP) than traditional timber decking. Hyperion Explorer Decking benefits from a 64% lower GWP and Hyperion Frontier Composite Decking has a 57% lower GWP than timber. Helping make Hyperion Composite Decking the superior sustainable option.

Composite Cladding

Hyperion Composite Cladding
is made using 90% recycled material and benefits from a 15 years warranty. All of the recycled HDPE used in Hyperion Composite Cladding comes from post-consumer waste and all of the reclaimed wood used is FSC® certified. In addition to this Sentinel Composite Cladding benefits from a Class B Fire Rating. To help further reduce the environmental impact of our Composite Cladding, all Hyperion Composite Cladding is manufactured using 100% renewable wind energy. Resulting in 32% reduction in CO₂e emissions. Helping make Hyperion Composite Cladding the perfect sustainable choice.

Composite Fencing

Hyperion Composite Fencing
is made using 90% recycled materials, is low-maintenance and benefits from a 15 year warranty. Hyperion Composite Fencing is now manufactured using 100% renewable wind energy helping to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced throughout its life time by 32%.


Manticore Plastic Lumber
is made using 100% recycled post consumer plastic and is 100% fully recyclable. Manticore products e exceedingly durable, anti-rot and maintenance-free and outperforms traditional timber alternatives. Manticore Plastic Number is now manufactured using 100% renewable wind energy helping to reduce its global warming potential by 27%.

Sisu LVT Produced with 100% Wind Energy

When looking at our
Sisu LVT Indoor Flooring
we noticed that the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions came from the manufacturing of Sisu and the low levels of recycled content. For that reason we have since moved Sisu LVT to 100% wind energy manufacturing and product. Meaning that 100% renewable energy is used throughout the supply chain. Helping us to reduce the CO₂e emissions by 21%.
We also noticed that we needed to increase the recycled content in our LVT. Sisu LVT is now made using up to 100% recycled PVC, which makes up 24% of the total Sisu Click Board. These two changes have allowed us to achieve a 60% reduction in CO₂e emissions. Making Sisu LVT the most sustainable LVT on the market in terms of global warming potential.