Impact Report

Discover the steps we have taken to reduce EnviroBuild's impact on the environment and ways we are leading the sustainable revolution in the construction industry and beyond.

Each year we produce an Impact Report to discuss the steps we have taken to reduce our impact, share the noteworthy stories of the year and to summarise the impact EnviroBuild has had over the year. Whilst also showcasing the fantastic Rainforest Trust projects we have been able to support with your help.

EnviroBuild 2021 Impact Report:

This Impact Report will discuss all the noteworthy stories of the year, summarising the impact that EnviroBuild, our customers and our partnership with Rainforest Trust and others have had. 
Looking back, this year has been marked by EnviroBuild’s boldest changes yet. Some of the highlights from 2021 that you can find in our impact report are:
  • Our move to renewable wind energy manufacturing
  • Life Cycle Assessments & Environmental Product Declarations
  • Establishing a Carbon-balanced workforce
  • A change to more sustainable packaging
  • Rainforest Trust projects we’ve donated to
  • Delivering Greener Logistics 
  • Offering ‘Green' Aluminium using renewable energy
We had a lot more time and space to think over 2020 and 2021, some of which we used to really consider the impact we want to make. After discussions with the team, it was clear we saw ourselves as campaigners within an industry that was not changing its environmental impact fast enough.

Judging the scale of the problem, we believe nothing less than a sustainable revolution in the construction industry will suffice. This means research, innovation and fundamentally changing how things are done will be put at the core of our sustainability planning.
We’ve now put countless hours into creating assessments on the lifetime impact of our current offering - and we’ve backed this up with action! Using our assessments to find sustainability gaps has allowed us to begin to remedy them.
For more information about the steps EnviroBuild are taking to lead the sustainability revolution see our
sustainability page here.