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10 Best Projects With EnviroBuild in 2020

Eelinn Vanquaethem

Created at: Dec 03, 2020

Last updated: Dec 04, 2020

Benches Cladding Composite Decking Design Fencing Garden Garden furniture Laminate Landscaping Planters Popular Sisu

A lockdown with sunny weather meant we all started to look at our outdoor space in a new light and made us wonder whether we could make it feel more like we’re on holiday. Over the past year, we have received so many photos from all of you that we couldn’t help but share some of our favourites and inspire those who want to holiday at home next year. So here’s the top 10 projects using EnviroBuild products from 2020.

  1. The One With The Pool

Hyperion decking in oak by @renovationhq

What’s better than Hyperion decking? Hyperion decking looking out over a pool. @renovationhq have definitely made the most of their garden this year: a relaxing pool, beautiful lighting, sleek planters and Hyperion Decking in oak to finish it all off.


  1. The One Perfect for Dining & Lounging

Huxley Dining Sofa Set and the Fiennes Luxury Sun Loungers by @thehappyhome2020

There’s no need to choose between a place to lounge or dine, just get both the Huxley Dining Sofa Set perfect for dining with friends and family and the Fiennes Luxury Sun Loungers to soak up some sun like @thehappyhome2020 did. 


  1. The One That Misses Going On Holiday

Hyperion Pioneer Cladding in granite by Marcin Mioducki

Remember sitting at a bar with a Pina Colada in hand, looking at the sea in front of you without a care in the world? Marcin Mioducki did and decided to recreate this feeling in his own backyard. This garden room featuring Hyperion Pioneer Cladding in Granite does not only feature a bar, but also an indoor space to hide in when it starts to rain, and a dog. We couldn’t think of a better place to spend the summer than in Marcin’s backyard.


  1. The One That Wanted to Stay Warm

Sisu Laminate flooring by Findlay Flooring

Looking at the weather these days, we completely understand that people want to stay inside with a lovely fire burning to keep them warm. This Sisu Laminate flooring installed by Findlay Flooring proves that a more traditional colour works with both lighter colours and darker tones.


  1. The One For Entertaining & Privacy

Hyperion Pioneer Decking in stone and Hyperion Pioneer Cladding in walnut by @alldonedesign

The downstairs area featuring Hyperion Pioneer Decking in stone is perfect for entertaining guests around the fire pit and a balcony upstairs featuring Hyperion Pioneer Cladding in walnut is the perfect place for a morning cup of coffee in private. @alldonedesign have definitely outdone themselves here.  


  1. The One That Got Creative with Fencing

Hyperion Fencing in stone, walnut and oak by Kelvin Wood

Kelvin Wood definitely got creative over lockdown. Using leftover Hyperion Fencing in stone, walnut and oak, he created some beautiful planters for his clients to enjoy. To get more inspiration on what to do with leftover decking, cladding and fencing, read our handy blog.


  1. The One Who Missed the Gym

Hyperion Pioneer Cladding in stone by Shack House Company

With gyms having been closed for most of the year, some of us got tired of home workout videos with Joe Wickes and missed proper gym equipment. Shack House Company helped one of those people by building this practical garden room featuring Hyperion Pioneer Cladding in stone.


  1. The One with the Dog

Frontier Decking in Marble by @a.boston.called.bonnie

We strongly believe that any one of these best project roundups should feature a dog. @a.boston.called.bonnie and her owners opted for Frontier Decking in Marble and beautifully decorated it with a black and white carpet, matching Bonnie’s coat of course, and grey wicker chairs for a modern monochrome look.


  1. The One That Made the Most of Their Small Space

Livingstone Single Seat by @paterioroutdoorliving

Being stuck inside when it’s sunny is simply not the best. @paterioroutdoorliving got creative with the little outdoor space one of her clients had. By adding a Livingstone armchair and some greenery, she created a relaxing sanctuary on this sun trap of a balcony.


  1. The One That Stayed Zen

Hyperion Pioneer Decking in granite by @barkbrickandblock

This statement floating bench, brick fire pit and Hyperion Pioneer Decking in granite makes us feel relaxed just looking at it. @barkbrickandblock has created a beautiful alfresco summer oasis which also features a herb garden, a great inspiration for those who have green fingers.


We have received so many amazing photos of projects this year, and while it was difficult to narrow it down to these ten creations, we love receiving them encourage you to keep sending us your projects.

You can submit your project photos here or tag us on Facebook with @ENVIROBUILDcom or on Instagram with @envirobuild. Who knows, maybe you’ll feature on our roundup next year or even earn up to £500 as part of our project reward scheme.  

If you need any design tips or would like some help with anything else, our expert team can be reached on +353 1 447 0406 or emailed at ie-info@envirobuild.com, and will happily answer any of your queries.