Cladding Corner Trim Installation

How to install corner trim for your Hyperion® composite cladding


Corner Trim can be used on its own or with Fascia Boards to cover cladding board edges and exposed substructure at corners, doors and window frames.

Step 1

Cut the cladding corner trim to size and put in place
Measure the required amount of Hyperion Corner Trim and cut down to size.

Step 2

If corner trim ends are being placed next to each other at wall edges mitre down at 45 degrees.

Step 3

Securing cladding corner trim with screws
Place over the corner to cover, pre-drill and countersink through the trim.

Step 4

Screw into place with countersunk A2/A4 Stainless Steel screws.
  • If you are concerned about visible screws, coloured screws and screw caps are available from general builders merchants.

Step 5

Installing corner trim on fascia board for deeper gaps
Corner Trim can be combined with
Fascia Boards
to cover deeper window and door frames