Cladding Fascia Board Installation

How to install fascia boards for your Hyperion® composite cladding


Fascia Boards can be used to cover the cladding board edges and around window frames. This option can also be paired with
corner trim
around window frames and doors.
Battening around window for cladding installation
Additional battening is required around doors and windows, more battening may be required depending on your finishing option. It is suggested to use fascia boarding anywhere where horizontal cladding meets a roofline, window ledge or is going to butt up against a horizontal edge/barrier.

Step 1

Measure the amount of fascia boarding required and cut down to size.

Step 2

Installing fascia board for cladding window frame trim
Place over the desired area. Make sure the edge of the fascia board sits flush with the cladded surface.

Step 3

Pre-drill and countersink the board.

Step 4

Screw into place with countersunk A2/A4 Stainless Steel screws.

Step 5

Installing corner trim on fascia board for deeper gaps
If desired,
corner trim
can then be placed over the fascia boards.